Today’s media landscape, which has already changed dramatically after the advent of social media, continues to morph, shift and evolve. Not two decades ago, all eyes were glued to relatively few news sources, namely major newspapers and evening newscasts. Today, we encounter information overload on a daily basis. Audiences are fragmented. They’re also transient, moving from one platform to another as new replaces old. Even the computer itself is becoming less relevant as more and more internet traffic originates from mobile devices.

To the casual observer, all of this change looks like chaos. For the CLS Strategies digital team, it’s an opportunity for our clients. We know that the data-rich online world provides unparalleled abilities to microtarget your message to precisely the right audience, bypassing traditional gatekeepers if need be. That’s why we infuse digital into everything we do, applying the lessons from winning U.S. presidential campaigns and leading advertising firms to help CLS Strategies clients at home and abroad.

Our Digital Clients

  • Massa For President (Argentina)
  • Impact Iran
  • Don't Comcast the Internet Campaign
  • International Launch Services
  • Center for Wine Origins
  • Airlines for America
  • Investment Company Institute
  • Computer & Communications Industry Association
  • PhRMA
  • Champagne Bureau, U.S.
  • People's Democratic Party (Nigeria)
  • Arab Bank