Jennifer Hall

Senior Vice President

Jennifer Hall manages public affairs campaigns on behalf of trade associations, foreign governments and corporate clients. Her clients include financial services, the Champagne region of France and the drone manufacturing industry. Clients turn to Jennifer and CLS Strategies for help with complex regulatory, policy and reputational challenges.

Jennifer has for years advised some of the technology industry’s biggest names, helping companies navigate patent and antitrust issues in the United States and the European Union. She has helped these clients define the relevant market, mobilize third parties, educate media about the consumer benefits or harm and more.

Jennifer also has a long history of helping clients build coalitions at the state, national and international level. In particular, she managed communications for the American Dental Association’s state public affairs grant program, coordinating the activities of more than 20 state associations and societies. She also helped establish and directed a worldwide coalition of winemaking regions in their campaign to demand fair and consistent wine labeling standards worldwide.

A Michigan native, Jennifer graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in public relations.

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