Brian Berry

Brian operates best when the stakes are high and the playing field calls for leveling. Whether it was when the UN needed to collect on a $1 Billion debt in U.S dues, when the U.S. government was advancing new rules governing the cruise liners at the behest of industry critics, or when human rights defenders sought more attention around Iran’s human rights record as UN member states otherwise focused on nuclear negotiations, Brian develops tailored solutions that help his clients win.

In the financial services arena, Brian works with the Investment Company Institute to communicate the strengths of America’s defined contribution retirement savings system, the benefit of institutional investing for Main Street workers, and ideas for how access to workplace retirement savings plans can be expanded to reach more workers.

He also works with Genworth Financial, the leading long term care insurer in the U.S., on a wide range of issues aimed at helping aging Americans and their families avoid the costly toll of a long term care event.

As U.S. trade policy evolves today, Brian is helping a leading manufacturer as it navigates through the complex landscape, including the 2018 imposing of tariffs on various goods and components that enter the U.S. for assembly.

Brian has also helped companies through mergers and acquisitions, including the regulatory antitrust review process. This includes aluminum can maker Ball Corporation in its acquisition of UK-based Rexam, and Stanley Black & Decker’s purchase of Craftsman from Sears.

Conversely, Brian has helped companies and industries avoid anticompetitive mergers that would harm the market and result in less choice and higher costs for consumers. Working with a coalition of regional pay-TV providers, online streaming services, and consumer advocacy organizations, Brian and the CLS team designed and managed the successful “Don’t Comcast the Internet” campaign that blocked the merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

Earlier, working with PhRMA, Brian changed the conversation about medicine importation on the social web by sparking discussions among parents of young children and chronic disease patents about how the health risks of introducing non-U.S. regulated drugs into the protected U.S. medicine supply chain far outweigh the costs. This challenge required turning white papers and academic reports into compelling, easy-to-share graphics, sound bites and images that engaged key audiences online and helped them become grassroots activists around this issue.

Brian lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife and two children.

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