Armando Briquet

Senior Advisor

As one of the founders of today’s main opposition party in Venezuela, formed during a major crisis among the nation’s political parties and with Hugo Chávez in power, Armando Briquet is a leading political and communications strategist and advisor, capable of both running electoral campaigns as well as constructing long-term political projects in adverse and crisis environments. At CLS Strategies, Armando advises Latin American clients facing public affairs and campaign challenges. 
His extensive experience in electoral campaigns and strategies encompasses political races at the local, regional and national levels in Venezuela, Aruba, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Colombia and Mexico for over 20 years. Armando served as Campaign Director during Henrique Capriles Radonski’s presidential bid against Hugo Chávez in 2012, a milestone election in Venezuelan contemporary history. Henrique Capriles is recognized as one of Venezuela’s top opposition leaders, whose widespread popularity extends even to disillusioned “Chavistas.”
Armando is frequently invited to participate in training seminars on campaign management. He has also served as a professor at the Central University of Venezuela’s School of Political Studies, where he teaches a seminar on electoral campaigns.
Armando earned a Law degree from the Central University of Venezuela (1995) and graduated as a Specialist in Financial Law from Andrés Bello Catholic University (1998), with diverse studies in public policy, history and electoral campaigns. 


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