Intern Spotlight Sequel: Alejandra Gonzalez Torres

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April 27, 2020

Intern Spotlight Sequel: Alejandra Gonzalez Torres

CLS welcomed Alejandra back this spring for a second leg of her intership! was born in Puerto Rico and lived there until last year, when she moved to DC to pursue her master’s degree in International Affairs with a concentration in Nuclear Policy and Security Studies. Prior to that, she received her bachelor’s degree at the Universidad de Puerto Rico recinto de Río Piedras. She majored in Political Science with an emphasis in Foreign Relations and a minor in Foreign Languages. Alejandra interned with CLS this past season and decided to continue her internship here as she finished up her studies this spring. 

1. What have you been up to in between your first and second internships here?

Working on my Capstone project, rock climbing and vacationing!

2. Why did you decide to come back to CLS?

It is an amazing opportunity for growth and experience. Here is where I discovered a love for PR, and I decided that one semester just wasn’t enough for me to acquire all the skills I wanted to keep working on. 

3. How does it feel returning to CLS? 

It feels amazing to be back with the people I got to know so well last semester - and get back to work! 

4. How would you say your experience this year compared to last year?

It’s been quite different. Due to the situation surrounding COVID-19, the entire office has gone remote and I am working from home in Puerto Rico. Staying in touch and working from home has been a completely separate set of challenges than being in the office directly. 

5. As a seasoned veteran of CLS’ internship program, what advice would you give to any of next season’s incoming interns?

Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for help. You might be an intern, but all of your ideas are welcome, valid and encouraged. 

6. What is your favorite memory of your time at CLS (from any session)?  

My favorite memory overall has to be the company outing to Top Golf. It was super fun!



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