Intern Spotlight: Lindsey Bornstein

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August 5, 2019

Intern Spotlight: Lindsey Bornstein


Lindsey Bornstein is an incoming senior at the University of Miami studying Political Science and Journalism. She is originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Before joining CLS, she interned with Congressman Carlos Curbelo (FL-26) in Miami, FL, and with the U.S. Department of Energy’s marketing & communications team in Washington, D.C. Upon graduation, she plans to pursue a career in political communications in the nation’s capital.  
1. Who/what has had the most impact on your academic or professional interests?  
Several professional mentors, including the team here at CLS, have shaped my vision of the private sector as a function for good; in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment, individuals and organizations can partner to affect direct, positive change that sometimes gets stalled under the hands of the government. In this way, my mentors have not only provided me with insight and opportunity, but also with a concrete professional direction.
2. What do you look for in an internship experience, and how has this shaped your career goals? 
When I sought to work in the nation’s capital, I looked for an organization where I could move quickly in many proverbial jars at once. However, professional development was also important to me, so I looked to CLS as a medium-sized organization which offered the chance to collaborate with the organization’s most accomplished team members as well.  To me, the value and nature of personal relationships is a crucial determination of future success in a company.
3. What are your long-term career goals?
Upon graduation, I hope to remain in Washington, D.C. with a focus in either political communications or public policy crafting. In the long term however, I’d love the opportunity to do political or legal advocacy for emerging causes across the globe.  
4. What has surprised you so far about your journey towards your career goals?  
As an incoming freshman, I had planned to study communications as a foray into the field of sports broadcasting. However, I very quickly realized a passion for political and legal communications instead, and I guess I’m surprised I haven’t kept more of a pulse on professional sports news.
5. Can you expand on your interest in public relations? 
One thing that’s surprised me about my time at CLS has been the enormous research burden that goes into political and professional communications. In order to develop public relations strategy for a Fortune 500 company, public policy campaign or legal endeavor, public relations professionals may devote countless hours to fully understand complex relationships, professional dynamics and regulatory history surrounding an issue to craft a short statement or press release. At CLS, I’ve been able to fully appreciate the level of detail and multifaceted understanding required of public relations experts.
6. What comes easiest to you as an intern at CLS Strategies?  
As a process-oriented individual, I appreciate the nature of CLS’s execution-focused infrastructure. Although I’ve gained a great deal of insight into branding and strategy, my true strength lies in the ability to take a project from its conception and turn it into a fully researched, polished product.
7. What has been your biggest challenge as an intern at CLS Strategies? How do you address that?  
The biggest challenge at CLS has been trying to fully understand the background required to accommodate each client’s needs; in addition to daily news briefings on each account, I spend a significant portion of time researching to gain a broader picture of relevant industries.
8. What is your favorite thing about living in Washington, D.C.?  
No matter who I talk to, every individual living and working in Washington has an ambitious, earnest interest in making the world a better place. The collective drive consistently motivates me not only to work harder in my own career, but also to learn more about others’ pursuits that might not necessarily make front page news. 
9. On our website, we ask all of our staff to share three things about themselves. What are three things about yourself that we might not know?
1. I serve as the Executive Editor of UM’s lifestyle magazine, Distraction.
2. This past spring, I spent four months living with a host family in Seville, Spain and traveled to 10 different countries.
3. I finally got peer pressured into watching Game of Thrones after all eight seasons had ended (whoops).


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