August 25, 2016

Name: Lauren Wiggins
Title: Associate
Time with CLS: 7 months  

1. In your career, what is the best advice you’ve been given?

My mom and dad always remind me to not be afraid to put your name out there. If you’re interested in a job or project, say something! It never hurts to show interest. 

2. What would you tell yourself if you could go back and give yourself advice on your first day at CLS?

I would probably still tell myself this, but don’t be afraid to speak up and present ideas. Every idea is valuable. It’s intimidating when you’re surrounded by so many talented and knowledgeable people! 

3. If you weren’t in the PR industry, what would you be doing?

My dream (but unrealistic) job is to have my own Food Network show. I’m not great at it, but I love to cook and I love to try new foods and recipes. My favorite thing is take a classic recipe and make it my own. 

4. What is your favorite PR failure? (i.e. Pepsi Syringe, Tylenol Recall)

The Wendy’s finger in the chili scandal definitely stands out to me. Even though it turned out to be a hoax, part of me is still skeptical about the cleanliness of Wendy’s, proving Wendy’s didn’t counter the allegations as seriously as they should have. 

5. What dream client/industry would you like to work with? 

I have a passion for food and nutrition policy. One of my favorite authors is Michael Pollan; he’s a journalist by trade but has written a number of books on humans’ evolutionary relationship with food and nutrition. Any organization that promotes real, sustainable food would be a dream to work with. 

6. What is your favorite movie?

Forrest Gump, but Gone with the Wind is a close second. 

7. Chocolate or vanilla?

Controversial opinion, but I prefer vanilla. Chocolate is overwhelming. 

8. Team Taylor or Team Katy?

Neither, I’m Team Kimye. 

9. Dog person or cat person?

I’m obsessed with golden retriever puppies – I have major puppy fever. 

10. What’s on your bucket list?

Hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim. It’s exactly 26.2 miles, and you’re only allowed to do it a few months out of the year.