Tweeting the World Cup: The USA vs. The Rest

July 14, 2014

Tweeting the World Cup: The USA vs. The Rest

Every four years, Americans have to face the common refrain coming from all corners of the world claiming that Americans just don’t watch or care enough about soccer. This year, thanks to an inspiring World Cup performance by the U.S. Men’s National Team (USMNT) as well as data from Twitter, we can begin to dispel that myth. 

The world’s most-watched sporting event has likely become the world’s most-tweeted event ever after this weekend’s final, and the United States led the charge in the digital realm. Americans took to their hashtags and hashflags in staggering numbers to cheer, congratulate and encourage the USMNT as it emerged intact from the ‘Group of Death’ and took on Belgium in the Round of 16. But as some maybe would have expected, Americans did not tune out and sign off as soon as the U.S. was eliminated. Quite the opposite: people in the U.S. supplied more than half of the tweets about the semifinal nailbiter between the Netherlands and Argentina as well as this weekend’s slow-burning final between Argentina and Germany. Americans also did their part to make the Brazil v. Germany debacle the most-discussed single sports game ever on Twitter.

So next time you hear someone bemoaning Americans’ lack of interest in soccer, you can point them in the direction of this infographic, or this one from Twitter illustrating that if the World Cup was based entirely on hashflag use, the U.S. would have run away with the FIFA World Cup trophy. Unfortunately for the USMNT, that is not the case, but they can take comfort from the fact that all social media indicators show that more Americans than ever before will be tuning in to cheer them on in 2018.

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