CLS Strategies 10 Questions: Kaitlyn Goforth

June 24, 2016

CLS Strategies 10 Questions: Kaitlyn Goforth

Name: Kaitlyn Goforth
Title: Associate 
Time with CLS: 1 year 

1. What would you tell yourself if you could go back and give yourself advice on your first day at CLS?

Double check and triple check everything! And, always remember a subject line.  

2. What dream client/industry would you like to work with?

I would definitely love to work in the sports industry (i.e. Carolina Panthers). 

3.  How did you get started in PR?

When I was a freshman at UNC, I enrolled in Chemistry and Biology classes in hopes of pursuing some sort of medical career. When those grades didn’t turn out as well as I'd hoped, I enrolled in a journalism class on a whim. Here I am! 

4. If you weren't in the PR industry, what would you be doing? 

No question - I'd be a nurse, but see above. 

5. What is your favorite sport? Sports team?

College basketball (Go Tarheels!) and professional football (Go Panthers!). 

6. What is your favorite DC monument?

This isn’t a monument, but near one - the steps next to the Arlington Memorial Bridge and across from the Lincoln Memorial. I love sitting there and watching the planes land at DCA, especially at sunset. 

7. What was the last book you read?

Right now I’m reading “Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer, about the 1996 Mount Everest disaster. 

8. If you can bring one fictional character from books, television or movies to life, who would you want to work with you at CLS?

No question, Sam Seaborn from the West Wing. He’s smart, witty and not so bad to look at! 
9. What was the last movie you saw?

I watched Forrest Gump last weekend for probably the 1,000th time…such a classic movie and an even better soundtrack. 

10. Dog person or cat person?

Definitely a dog person. I am currently plotting to buy a black lab! 

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