CLS Strategies 10 Questions: Caitlin Gullickson

September 13, 2016

CLS Strategies 10 Questions: Caitlin Gullickson

Name: Caitlin Gullickson
Title: Managing Associate
Time with CLS: Six months

1. In your career, what is the best advice you’ve been given? 

Know the room. Essentially that means find out who you are talking to or meeting with before you actually do so. Do a little research on your audience or fellow meeting attendees so you can think through possible questions. Write down notes that you can glance at, if need be. It may sound obvious, but it’s really helped me focus in on the details before a big interview or presentation.  

2. What would you tell yourself if you could go back and give yourself advice on your first day at CLS? 

Big ideas are welcome – don’t be afraid to share them! 

3. If you weren’t in the PR industry, what would you be doing?

I double-majored in history and politics in college – I’m a huge history nerd – and for a number of years as a child I wanted to be an archeologist. I also love to travel and get to know new places. The thought of literally digging for history is very exciting to me. If I ever hit the lotto jackpot, that’s where you’ll find me! 

4. What is your favorite PR failure? (i.e. Pepsi Syringe, Tylenol Recall) 

Anytime a brand, campaign, company, or organization posts offensive content on social media, the finger is always pointed at the intern as the cause. It’s common enough that I don’t think I can count the number of times it has happened. It is also such a transparent attempt to shift blame that I can’t imagine anyone actually believes it. 

5. What dream client/industry would you like to work with? 

I would love to do work for an art or history museum, or for a women’s sports team/league. Both would provide new and unique challenges, would be areas I haven’t had a chance to explore (professionally), and would really line up with my personal interests.  

6. Chocolate or vanilla? 


7. What is your favorite sport? Sports team?

 I love baseball. Watching games is a big part of my life every summer, and a lot of my memories from my childhood involve, in some manner, baseball. I come from a long line of New York Yankees fans, and we tend to take the sport very seriously.  (This made going to college in Red Sox country very interesting.) I’ve adopted the Washington Nationals as my local team and try to go to a number of games every season. Luckily my two favorite teams are different leagues – though things could always get complicated come the post-season!  

8. What was the last book you read? 

I am concurrently reading “The Witches,” a history of the Salem witch trials, and a biography of Joan of Arc. On deck is “The Woman Who Would Be King,” a biography of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Hatshepsut. Did I mention I was a huge history nerd? 

9. If you can bring one fictional character from books, television or movies to life, who would you want to work with you at CLS? 

Too easy: C.J. Cregg from The West Wing. 

10. Dog person or cat person? 

Raised as a cat person, currently have a canine roommate. So both? 


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