#ChampagneDay 2014: A Case Study in Going Viral

November 6, 2014
November 6, 2014

#ChampagneDay 2014: A Case Study in Going Viral

The fifth annual #ChampagneDay occurred on Friday, October 24, when wine lovers around the globe raised a flute to the quintessential wine of celebration, good cheer and toasts everywhere: Champagne. It is a big deal at CLS Strategies because #ChampagneDay was expanded from a single wine blogger’s idea to a worldwide campaign by the CLS Strategies run Champagne Bureau, USA.  The worldwide event brings millions of wine lovers together to raise a glass of Champagne at promoted events at bars, restaurants and wine schools, as well as numerous spontaneous gatherings.  All the activity and excitement is captured through a large-scale online celebration, under the banner of Champagne Day.

This year’s celebration continued to break records and raise awareness of the importance location plays to wine while also providing a platform for more and more Americans to engage with (e.g. drink) Champagne. Our top results include:

  • #ChampagneDay tweets reached over 3.18 million Twitter accounts and generated an exposure of 7.79 million total views. Additionally, #ChampagneDay was a trending topic nationally.
  • The Champagne Bureau, USA’s targeted Facebook campaign reached approximately 500,000 individual users in the month of October, and our organic page reach grew more than 70 times larger over a two-month span.
  • 201,490 people saw a Thunderclap message in support of Champagne Day and our name protection message from one of their friends and/or followers. 
  • Over 1,000 new likes on our Facebook page, 300 new Twitter followers and over 15,400 clicks to our page, posts and websites.
  • Over 40 retailers, restaurants and bars hosted Champagne Day events and specials in addition to hundreds of smaller events and spontaneous get-togethers, bringing #ChampagneDay to tens of thousands of people worldwide.

In a world with lots of one-off activities, #ChampagneDay shows the benefits of building interest over the long-term. This is the fifth year that the event has taken place and the work conducted over the previous years (plus the multifaceted efforts of Champagne lovers worldwide spurred on by CLS Strategies) enabled the event to grow bigger than it has ever been.  Through the careful planning and coordination of traditional news outreach, retailer and restaurant outreach, a targeted online campaign, coordination with Champagne Bureau’s around the globe and rallying longtime online followers to act, #ChampagneDay has ultimately resulted in a viral victory that continues to generate more and more spontaneous activities that all serve to spread the message that Champagne only comes from Champagne, France.

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