The Investment Company Institute

The Investment Company Institute (ICI), the leading global association of regulated mutual funds, turned to CLS Strategies to defend the strength of America’s retirement system, protect savers and the asset management industry from unnecessary and harmful new regulation, and help reinforce ICI as the leading authority on asset management issues.  

CLS began our work by conducting comprehensive public opinion research to gauge Americans’ views of the retirement system and their beliefs toward changes to the tax treatment of retirement savings plans and incentives afforded to American workers to help them save in defined contribution plans, such as 401(k) plans and IRA accounts. CLS used the research findings to reframe ICI’s messaging, emphasizing elements of the retirement system that Americans value most. CLS and ICI employ this new messaging in strategically placed op-eds and a steady drumbeat of digital communications and social media activity. Fortunately harmful public policy proposals to limit retirement savings incentives have not taken hold, and today, ICI is better-positioned to shape the future of retirement policy. 

Then, when federal regulators threatened to unnecessarily designate asset managers as systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs) similar to “too big to fail” banks – a move that would come at a great cost to savers – CLS worked closed with ICI to inject a sense of harmful consequence into the public debate. Part of this work includes an advocacy campaign ( that aims to engage consumers and highlight the negative impact that SIFI designation will bear for Americans who are working to grow their savings in funds to reach their financial goals.