Genworth Financial

Long Term Care

When a number of General Electric Company (GE) insurance divisions formed Genworth Financial, its long term care insurance business – though the marketplace leader – emerged in Washington overnight with a blank slate. No history. No household name. No voice. At the time, the tone of the Washington conversation about long term care insurance was generally negative, typified by criticisms around industry sales practices, the cost of premiums, and claims denials. Genworth Financial turned to CLS Strategies to help change the conversation and build the company’s Washington brand.     

CLS Strategies has since worked to put Genworth on the map and establish the company as a long term care thought leader. Leveraging Genworth’s depth of expertise and data, CLS Strategies implemented a targeted campaign reaching out to policymakers and influencers. Central to this strategy was establishing the company as a convener of engaging policy discussions among opinion elites.

Along these lines, Genworth released a series of reports and studies in partnership with leading caregiver and disease advocacy organizations including AARP and the Alzheimer’s Association. CLS Strategies also organized the company’s premier annual Washington event, The National Long Term Care Symposium. Additionally, the company released a book, the Future of Long Term Care in America. This publication assembled essays by 10 prominent long term care experts and was part of an outreach and education program for media and government officials.   

Today, as the aging U.S. baby boomer population reaches nearly 80 million, CLS Strategies' work for Genworth is aimed at advancing its position as a thought leader who is working to develop and promote sound public policy initiatives that will address the long term care crisis and its impact on American families and the U.S. economy.