Frank Quattrone

When Frank Quattrone faced investigations by the National Association of Securities Dealers, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York and then-New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer he turned to CLS Strategies to manage communications.

Through the course of two federal criminal trials, an appeal and regulatory actions that received substantial national news coverage, CLS Strategies served as the principal spokesperson for Mr. Quattrone and led his communications strategy. We worked closely with Mr. Quattrone's legal team on a daily basis, proactively briefed reporters to advance defense themes, initiated coverage and editorial commentary to promote pro-defense facts, and worked to ensure that all of the media coverage was accurate and balanced.

CLS Strategies succeeded in establishing that there was no evidence of wrongdoing, and engaged the attention of major national editorial boards, including The Wall Street Journal, which called on the government not to pursue a third trial after Mr. Quattrone won his appeal. Ultimately, CLS Strategies worked with Mr. Quattrone to publicize the fact that all charges and regulatory cases were dropped and he was an innocent man. Most recently, the firm worked with Mr. Quattrone to help launch his new business, fact check a manuscript for an unauthorized biography about his legal ordeal and manage media in connection with its publication. His reputation intact, Mr. Quattrone has made a very successful return to the securities industry.