Declaration to Protect Place

Building on CLS Strategies’ decade-long work for the Comité Champagne as the U.S. representative of the houses and growers of Champagne, we established the Joint Declaration to Protect Wine Place & Origin. The alliance of the world’s leading wine regions unites competitors in the marketplace behind a campaign to raise awareness among consumers and policymakers about the importance of location to winemaking and the need to protect a wine’s true place of origin around the world. Starting with eight regions, the coalition has now grown to 19 members from U.S., European and Australian wine appellations.

The collective efforts of the Declaration members, through coordination with CLS Strategies, breaks down the historic barriers that once separated winemakers by country of origin and builds a new framework that brings together quality winemakers worldwide. This new strategic vision is brought to bear with a wide range of policy- and consumer-oriented tactics. From retailer and sommelier certification programs to digital media campaigns, our strategy aims to educate the media, industry professionals and consumers in understanding the need to protect wine place names worldwide. Furthermore, in the midst of international policy debates on geographical indications (GIs) and consumer rights, we work to advocate on behalf of these wine regions to fully preserve these place names at political, economic and technological levels.