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Government investigations. Regulatory and legislative challenges. High-stakes litigation. Attacks from adversaries or competitors. CLS Strategies designs solutions to untie the knottiest problems. We do what it takes to help our clients win when it matters most, in the halls of government, the marketplace and the court of public opinion.

In today’s world of instant information, reputations, and perceptions, the odds for success can change in seconds.

The margin between a successful communications campaign and one that falls flat has never been finer. Thriving in this climate takes the vision to see beyond fragmented tactics and reactive thinking – to see not just around the corner, but five moves ahead.

For more than 20 years, clients have found success with CLS Strategies. Fortune 100 CEOs turn to us for counsel during a crisis. NGOs and foreign governments engage us to represent their interests in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere. We’ve helped trade associations and corporations navigate public affairs challenges in virtually every policy area and come out on top.

While the tools we use continue to change, our approach remains steadfast. We treat our clients as partners, immersing ourselves in their businesses, issues and cultures. We provide teams of smart, well-trained professionals who relish challenge and excel when the stakes are high.

At CLS Strategies, we combine experience, energy, and hard-won wisdom with a relentless desire to meet new challenges with new ideas. The right move may not be obvious or conventional, but we have what it takes to find it, and help you reach the success you want.


CLS Strategies. We don’t just raise the issue. We raise the game.

Our team of veteran political operatives, former journalists and corporate communications experts relishes challenge and excels when the stakes are highest.

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