Brian Berry

Brian operates best when the stakes are high and the playing field calls for leveling. Whether it was when the UN needed to collect on a $1 Billion debt in U.S dues, when the U.S. government was advancing new rules governing the cruise liners at the behest of industry critics, or when human rights defenders sought more attention around Iran’s human rights record as UN member states otherwise focused on nuclear negotiations, Brian develops tailored solutions that help his clients win.

In the technology sector, Brian works with a global internet company to cast light on data security and the harm suffered by businesses and consumers when a breach occurs. Working with scholars, cyber security experts, and consumer advocates, the goal is to encourage regulators and lawmakers to make data security their top priority. He also helps the company construct a narrative about the economic and user benefits it provides globally, along with arguments that dispel critics’ attempts to portray the company as anti-competitive.

In the financial services arena, Brian works with the Investment Company Institute to make clear to regulators, media and opinion leaders that while investing in the capital markets may present risk for the individual investor, the structure of asset management and mutual funds does not present “systemic risk” that calls for additional Dodd-Frank bank-like regulation that would result in new costs for consumers.

Federal contractor FCi Federal turned to Brian to wage an aggressive media campaign as part of its formal GAO protest against its competitor, USIS, for a $200 Million Homeland Security award. Months of sustained media coverage around USIS’s culture of corner cutting, alleged improprieties, and risk to the government and taxpayers led to a rare, precedent-setting GAO victory on the grounds that USIS was not forthright in its pursuit of the contract and should not be considered a “responsible” partner of the government.

Working with PhRMA, Brian changed the conversation about medicine importation on the social web by sparking discussions among parents of young children and chronic disease patents about how the health risks of introducing non-U.S. regulated drugs into the protected U.S. medicine supply chain far outweigh the costs. This challenge required turning white papers and reports into compelling, easy-to-share graphics, sound bites and images that kept key online audiences engaged.

Brian lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife and two children.

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