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March 10, 2017

Got Tickets?

Fairfax Times | Gary Adler

We commend Delegate David Albo for taking action to stop practices like restricted paperless ticketing that harm consumers and the function of a fair and level secondary resale market for tickets. In an open market, if you purchase a ticket, you can do whatever you would like with it, including selling it for less or more than you paid, depending on what the market and demand will bear, without onerous strings attached. Actions to restrict the purchase, sale and transfer of tickets, punish consumers and lead to a market with less choice and higher prices.

Paperless ticketing is presented as a measure to reduce fraud, but fraud on resale exchanges is not a pervasive problem, and while paperless on its own is perfectly fine as a convenience, in practice there are usually restrictions that come with paperless designed to prevent you from reselling your tickets if you wish on your own terms and in some cases not at all. It’s just one example of how large, powerful players in the ticketing system overreach and this legislation will help to loosen their chokehold and protect consumers.

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