CLS Strategies Intern Spotlight: Chinonso Achilike

CLS Strategies Intern Spotlight: Chinonso Achilike

Chinonso Achilike is a rising junior at The George Washington University, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and a minor in communications. She is from New Jersey, but was originally born in Nigeria.  During her time at GW, she has held leadership positions in She’s the First GW, which supports girls’ education in developing countries, and Lemonade Day DC, which teaches children entrepreneurship skills.

Who/what has had the most impact on your academic or professional interests?

I don't think any one person has made the most impact on my academic or professional interests. The reason for this is that each person I have met has had a purpose in my life or lesson to teach me. From my family to my professors and mentors, everyone has shaped the career path I am interested in pursuing.

What do you look for in an internship experience, and how has this shaped your career goals?

My favorite part about having an internship is to be part of a group and having the experience of engaging with others in meaningful discussions or activities. This has taught me how to be an effective communicator, which in turn has strengthened my leadership skills and has helped to focus my pursuit on a career in business and the communications world.

What are your long-term career goals?

I would really love to have a career in which I can tie my business and communication backgrounds together.

What has surprised you so far about your journey towards your career goals? 

I have found it surprising that I have grown an interest in so many different fields in the past few years. I am majoring in Business, and over the past year I have sparked an interest in communication, which led me to this internship. By pursuing these interests, I look forward to accomplishing my career goal of being happily successful in the workforce.  

Can you expand on your interest in public relations?

Public relations is very interesting because there are so many different platforms that are used in this field that help make a company or person look or stand out in a positive way. I am interested in public relations because I would like to learn how to engage in business to business relations. I also want to gain a deeper understanding how one can go about being involved in the media to help businesses have better relations with their constituents.

What comes easiest to you as an intern at CLS Strategies?

Being able to develop  strong mutual relationships between my coworkers came easily to me as a CLS Strategies intern. The trust and respect we hold for one another enables us to better support and empower each other as we learn and succeed through this internship. 

What has been your biggest challenge as an intern at CLS Strategies? How do you address that?

My biggest challenge when I started stating working as an intern at CLS was finding the right way to approach each task I was given. I was able to address this concern by asking my superiors for advice or direction.

What is your favorite thing about living in Washington, D.C.?

My favorite thing about living in D.C. is that not only am I surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city life, but I am also able to take time to explore new things. Every now and then I enjoy taking a walk around the monuments and having a picnic by Georgetown Waterfront.

On our website we ask all of our staff to share three things about themselves. What are three things about yourself that we might not know?
·       I have a twin sister.
·       I'm a huge Leonardo DiCaprio fan.
·       My biggest dream is to be a contestant on CBS Big Brother!

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